Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tlingit wolf

So my mind is still very much on wolves, and I found this beautiful piece this morning - it is a greeting card published through Art Cards, Editions, Originals (ACEO). Isn't this something remarkable? The Tlingit-style drawing of a wolf juxtaposed with the more naturalistic, European-style rendering of a wolf. European and indigenous art, body and spirit set side by side. And seeing it makes me long for the part of the world where I was raised, for the scent of cedars and the mist on the shore.

The artist is Julie Thompson, creator of the painted feathers that some anonymous fan has been circulating so rapidly via chain e-mail.

For another post from our blog that samples folklore or fairy tale greeting cards, check out this.


Ingrid said...

If you enjoy this type of PNW art you might enjoy seeing Sue Coleman's web site at I have been a fan of hers for quite a while and was moved to go back to her site after seeing the beautiful feathers that have been going around the web. Enjoy!

Dante's Heart said...

Thanks, Ingrid - this art is remarkable. I love "New Loon and Chicks," and can't wait to explore her gallery further.


Ingrid said...

A friend put me on to Sue Coleman's art and I am fascinated by it. I live in central US so never was exposed to that style until recently. As a beader I've been thinking of incorporating at least an orca or eagle into an amulet bag or prayer feather. She also has cards for sale which is an affordable way to have some of her wonderful art.