Thursday, April 24, 2008

50,000 cupcakes, and a Zebra in Seney Hall

I know that this is only barely on topic for our blog, but these two incidents in the news are such marvels that I think they qualify.

First - the University of Maryland is baking 50,000 cupcakes in preparation for this Saturday's Maryland Day festival. The effort of transporting and arranging the cupcakes will require over 200 staff and volunteers. You can read about it here.

Second - Students at Oxford College of Emory University performed a really remarkable prank Tuesday night, stealing a zebra from a nearby farm and giving the zebra the free rein of historic Seney Hall on campus. Apparently the zebra spent the night munching on the campus furniture. Campus security had a shock the next morning when they opened the doors to be find a zebra flitting through the building's shadows. You can read about the prank here.

The sudden appearance of a zebra in an unexpected (and indeed, revered) place - that is a marvel indeed, something to talk about all morning over coffee at the station, a burst of fresh energy in a dull working day.

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