Friday, April 4, 2008

Painting Elephant

This was sent to me by our art editor, and it is not a hoax. This Yahoo video features the paintings done elephant! In Northern Thailand, artists are training elephants to paint with their trunks. Elephants are very intelligent, and have extremely dexterous trunks (with over 5 times as many muscles in the trunk as there are muscles in the entire human body) - perfect for wielding a paintbrush and creating fine strokes.

Most recently, the artists are training the elephants to paint other elephants. Unknown to me is whether the painting is from sight of a model as the cheeky trainers suggest or (far more likely) from memorization of the brushstrokes required ("an elephant never forgets"?). Either way, it is remarkable. Now the important question: do the elephants enjoy painting?

Here is another video with more footage:

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