Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Taos: All The Elements

If you are in the American Southwest in early July, you might check out this event: a workshop celebrating the beauty of the desert in artistry with books, metal, wood, stone, found objects. Here is a poster for the workshop (aren't those artifacts in the poster breathtaking?):

And here is what artist Edward Abbey has to say about his workshop:

In my case it was love at first sight. This desert, all deserts, any desert.

What draws us to this place? A magical thread winds through the desert southwest and pulls us in. This landscape offers bounty for the artist, and we will use those offerings as an inspiration for the art we create in this class.

For more of the desert's bounty, check out the work of Trix Press, which both chapbooks of desert poetry, as well as postcards and photography inspired by that landscape that is a house made of dawn:

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