Friday, January 30, 2009

Zombies Attack Texas!

Just a quick story today -- I found this hilarious. Apparently a computer-savvy hacker replaced the messages on some Texas electronic road signs to read "Caution! Zombies! Ahead!!!" and "Nazi Zombies! Run!" You can read more about it here -- I can only imagine the shock of drivers on the road.... Having a lifelong and paralyzing phobia of zombies, I'm sure I would have hit the brakes.

To prepare yourself adequately for a zombie apocalypse and for survival amid hordes of the ravening and ravenous undead, you'll want to read Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide and catch the upcoming movie World War Z.


Asrae said...

I have a machete ready for the day.

Dante's Heart said...

Templar one-and-a-half hand 'bastard' sword, for my part. Need to whet the edge, though.