Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tree Spirits

Last week I came a cross the work of Craig Harris; a wood carver from Cornwall, England.
Seeing his work simply made me happy. There is something playfull about his creations and it really shows they are made with a lot of love. All of it is so beautifully detailed and in balance with the used material; wood. It's almost like those faces have always been there.

I was touched when I read his biography in which he told, very openly, about his life and how he started to make these wood-carvings.
It was a memory from his childhood that drove him into the woods and as he said; "It wasn't long before my foot kicked against a long stick which I absently picked up and used as a walking stick for the rest of the journey. When I arrived home I looked at the stick and felt the urge to carve something on it. Having no idea how to carve I set about looking for a local carving course which I signed up for straight away."

Life can have it's own peculiar ways to show us what we are made for...
And for those who can't wait to make their own 'Tree Spirit', Craig Harris's book; 'How to carve a Tree Spirit' will soon be available at his shop.


ruthie said...

I too came across these tree spirits not so long ago & they do have a way of making the viewer smile!!

Ent said...

There is a Devon thing about Piskies sticks, with faces carved on them for luck I think. Try . I don't have it on my blog, but you might like a look -