Sunday, January 18, 2009

Live Action Chess

Tonight, my husband was thrilled. He was watching a live-action chess game that he follows closely. Of course most people may say that tonight's Cardinal vs Eagles game was hardly chess, but my husband and I would have to argue.

A set number of pieces are place on the board each with rules governing their movement. Each players round is carefully times, and full of complex planning. A careful look at the play books should moves not unlike chess. Wide Receivers are like rooks and bishops they came move to the end of the board (field). The Running Back is the queen which can run anywhere. The Quarterback is the King to be protected at all cost. Some plays are only to move a small distance like pawns on the field. The amount of thinking that must go into winning the game is high. One team downed the ball at the 1 yard line in order to run the time down and insure the win.

Football is not a game of brutal violence and little thought. It is a delicate game of chess played with living pieces.

Waiting for the Superbowl,
J.R. West the Raccoon

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