Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twilight: The Movie

Until a few days ago I didn't know any of Stephenie Meyer's novels, so I have not read them, and have not even noticed that much the raging tides of fandom around them. But my wife and I watched Twilight in the theater a few nights ago, and I have to admit, I'm impressed. It's a romantic and delightfully moody film, with beautiful cinematography and visual poetry. While the plot can be quite predictable (with all the expected motifs of the teen romance), there are innovative and often breathtaking touches that I have not seen before. I was almost tired of vampires, actually, and am delighted to see them back with some refreshing newness. There was a vampire baseball game that was especially thrilling -- baseball becomes a when played by supernatural predators who move faster than Nascar champions.

For me, the movie held a special nostalgia, as it was set in western Washington where I grew up. (If you are not from that part of the world, think Snow Falling On Cedars.) Ah, the greenery and the fog and the twilight rain and the moody land and the moody sea, and the moody people. I think I knew just about everyone in the movie. That part of the world mildews itself into your body and your blood and never leaves.

And Twilight even had me nostalgic for the Mariners.

So I definitely recommend the film - it was beautifully made, and makes me want to go get a copy of the book.


Asrae said...

The books are good. I like twilight the best, but the other three are good. Early next week, I'll post a review of all four.

Lisa Falzon said...

Aww now I want to see the movie! It's not out yet in my neck of the woods...

What I loved most about Twilight was how old-fashioned-romance it was. I read a lot of Y/A fiction aimed at girls, and lately noticed so much of it especially the one in the urban fantasy genre, is extremely oversexed or at least, sexual in a manner that would not appeal to a young teenager. Twilight is a classic romance, just like harry potter is at heart, a classic boarding school story.