Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fairy tale Art by Stephanie Holmes

It is hard to choose another artist every time, when there are so many wonderful artists out there. I can watch for hours at my lists with names and change my mind a hundred times before actually picking one of them.

After going through this little 'ritual' I finally made up my mind and decided I would like to show you the work of a very young and talented artist named Stephanie Holmes. I think most of you would adore her work, as her style is very similar to those wonderful, old fairy tale book illustrations. Yet, her work is a bit more modern, the colours she uses are brighter, and there is a very loose and dreamy feel to it.

In the picture shown below the artist has given her version of the tale 'Golden Bird' by the brothers Grimm. For those who are not familiar with this fairy tale you can read the complete story here.

I always enjoy to look at how artists translate fairy tales and myths into artwork. Though I must say that I am always surprised to see how the fairy tales of Grimm are most of the time painted and drawn so lightly, happy and carefree, while these stories have a very dark undertone and can even be sinister at times. Also Germany itself, with its dark almost haunted woods and its rough landscape, is hard to compare with these sweet interpretations given to us by these artists.

That being said, I do love these kind of works. And Stephanie Holmes has managed to create a world in which most of us would gladly wander around, something we can not say about most of the original stories collected by the brothers Grimm.

Art is a wonderful way to pass on these stories and I hope there will always be artists like Stephanie Holmes to keep re-telling them and to amuse us with their wonderful art, giving us a glimpse of long forgotten times.

You can find more of her works here and here.

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