Thursday, December 11, 2008

Avocado Art

Today I will feature the work of Marcus; a very talented sculpturist from Germany who runns a little gallery and shop named Avocado-Art. Here he shows and sells incredible, little sculptures made from avocado pits.

When I first saw his work I was completly flabbergasted, mainly because I didn't know that you could make such beautiful things of these pits. Just imagine the size of an avocado pit and then look at his work.

Marcus must be a very patient artist, as I can imagine how much time it costs to bring such detail in such small object.
All of his sculptures depict mythical scenes. Though most of his work is based on Celtic lore, you can also find lovely sculptures such as The Arabian nights and the Egyptian, Isis and Osiris. And I have heard that he is currently studying the Arabic language and is teaching himself how to carve in Arab as well. Thus his current range of subjects is very broad and a lot of fantastic creations are to be expected in the future.

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Dante's Heart said...

Isabella, thank you for that feature! How beautiful those are.

And avocados are my favorite of the fruits. My wife makes the most delightful avocado salad. :)