Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paper-Cut Art

Dear readers, I hope you all had a very nice Christmas and 2009 will be a wonderful year! These days have been very busy but I just had to share the works of this very talented artist; Elsa Mora with you all.
She does not really qualify as an 'emerging artist', as she is already very succesful, nevertheless she might not be known to most of you.

A little while ago I came a cross the shop she runs at etsy where I found the most beautiful paper sculptures as shown below:

Elsa Mora's paper-cut works are so incredible attractive because she has managed somehow to give a traditional art form a modern twist in a very respectful way. Most modern paper-cut art I find, and of course this is a matter of taste, too modern. Some of them do not even show any connection with the old art form, but Elsa Mora is an exception to this rule.
Looking at her work you will find yourself in a modern fairytale kind of world, surrounded by characters which all tell you their own tale.

I really would like to recommend you all to visit her gallery as you will not only find more of her paper cut works but also paintings, dolls, photographs and so on. Name it and she has done it! This multi talented artist really makes you very enthusiastic and an instant addict, as I am sure once you have visited her site you will return for more.

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