Thursday, May 8, 2008

Starfare's Gem: A Ship for Giants

As might be gleaned from an earlier post, I have a fascination for Giants. I think it goes back to a childhood book with lavish illustrations of giants tromping out of their massive carved homes under the hills.

So I have to share this passage from Stephen R. Donaldson's The Wounded Land, in which a ship rides the breakers in toward shore, with Giants climbing in the rigging:

...Starfare's Gem arrived in a gleam of white sails, as if it had been newly created from the sun's reflection on the blue Sea. It hove into sight like a stone castle riding gallantly before the wind, beautifully both swift and massive, matching the grace and strength of the Giants.

Imagine how large such a ship must be, to be piloted across the wild seas by Giants! What a sight that must be to humans...a ship the size of a stone castle coming in to shore.

I have included the cover art from the Australian edition of the sequel to The Wounded Land, because it depicts that magical ship carved out of granite. I am amazed at the beauty of this cover.

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