Friday, May 9, 2008

Dante's Heart Issue 2 is here!

Happy Friday, dear readers – Issue 2 of Dante's Heart: A Journal of Myth, Fairytale, Folklore, and Fantasy is here! Please swing by and take a look.

The centerpiece of Issue 2 is a compelling translation by Roberta Payne of the cycle of folktales known as The Seven Sages of Rome, taken from an Italian text. The origins of this cycle are in ancient India and Persia, and through the centuries these tales have traveled a long way.

Issue 2 also includes:

  • A translation of a Dutch story featuring a Scandinavian water spirit
  • An exclusive film featurette offering a behind-the-scenes look at an independent film, Titania, currently in production
  • Other poetry, reviews, fiction, and art -- a dessert tray of thoughtful and evocative work

You can also visit our message board to offer responses to the work in Dante’s Heart or to post questions for the authors and artists. We look forward to fostering a more active community of writers, artists, and scholars interested in myth, fairy tales, and folklore.

Enjoy Issue 2: Seven Sages – our Spring gift to you – a reward for whatever work, exams, or spring cleaning you may have inflicted on yourselves over the last month.

P.S. The first image above is Waterhouse's painting The Enchanted Garden, depicting a scene from Boccaccio's Decameron, a cycle of folktales with a frame narrative, one of few such framed cycles surviving in the world, part of the same literary family as and The Thousand and One Nights and The Seven Sages of Rome. The second image is Gustav Dore's portrait of Dante carried by an Eagle into realms new and exciting, and brilliant with wonder and light. Needless to say, these are not images from our journal! But they are part of our invitation to you to step into a new place with us, to hear tales and see wonders.

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