Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Endicott is closing

Dear readers,

I have sad news. Endicott, the Studio for Mythic Arts, is closing down and is preparing its final, farewell issue. If you do not know Endicott, please visit them at once! For many years now they have nurtured the growing field of artists, writers, and readers in the world of mythic and fairy tale arts. We wrote this to the editors, Terri Windling and Midori Snyder, as our appreciation of their work:

More than godmothers of the field, you have been the branching mother-tree, green with life and mystery, that allowed the rest of us saplings to take root. You have given us inspiration and nourishment. The sunlight that came to us through your boughs came green-tinted and wondrous: you helped us look around at our world again and see it as if for the first time.

The archives at Endicott will remain online, and - here is the bright morning news at the end of the grieving: both artists will now be free to move on to beautiful new projects that will surely astound and astonish us.

Terri & Midori have gracefully suggested that there is now a thriving field of mythic arts and many fresh venues for such work (Dante's Heart among them), so that they can consider their work well done. Yet they were the first. To look upon the retirement of such a venue as Endicott is to be deeply saddened: this was a place where, as in Cheers, everybody knew our name, they were always glad we came, and they were always ready to celebrate and support everything beautiful and wondrous being made in our field.

Visit the Endicott blog, and join me in both saluting and sorrowing for the closing of the Studio. I am rambling horribly in this post. I was thunderstruck by the news that Endicott was closing.

The beautiful artwork above is by Jeanie Tomanek.

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merry said...

I am deeply saddened by this news but will look for visions of the new adventures from these tremendous leaders in our world.