Thursday, May 15, 2008

Calls for Submissions (Ghost Stories; Irish Myth); and Dante's Heart on Facebook

Regretfully, our message board hasn't really picked up speed, so we are going to try a couple of new things:

First, we will resume posting CFPs and calls for submissions here on the blog.

Second, Dante's Heart is opening up shop on Facebook. So those of you who are online social networking people - come join us! We will be posting updates on Dante's Heart, calls for submissions, we will highlight pieces of great work that either we or another journal is publishing, we'll let you know when we have an interview out or a new book review. Come connect with readers, writers, and artists who share an interest in the fantastic.

Oh, and third! I almost forgot. Some of you know that our editor bios are unusual. Rather than tell where Editor Y was born or what Editor Z has published, we place Editors Y & Z as characters in a developing myth or fairy tale or other marvel-tale. The bios are serialized, meaning that you can read the first 1 or 2 installments, and then watch for the next chapter to appear. Come see what adventures Childe Daniel is up to, or learn about that dryad we have for an art editor.

And now here are a couple of Calls for Submissions, pertaining to Ireland and Scotland:

First: An Sionnach: A Journal of Literature, Culture, and the Arts invites submissions (complete essays) for a special issue dedicated to the Irish poet and writer Ciaran Carson. Carson most recently published a translation of The Tain, the Irish epic also known as The Cattle Raid of Cu Chulainn. Read the details of this call for papers here.

Second: Forum, a peer-reviewed journal for post graduate students, published by the University of Edinburgh in beautiful Scotland, is calling for papers for a special issue on "Haunting." Says Forum:

"The idea of haunting points to a residue or surplus of meaning that cannot be affirmed in the
present and nevertheless makes itself known in unexpected and disruptive ways. The haunting
traces of the forgotten, the disavowed and the effaced fundamentally undermine and trouble
what we have come to know and rely on as, or in, the present. In this sense, haunting opens up
the complex possibility of spectral knowledge and emerges as a powerful tool of
conceptualisation and representation. "

Go here for the details on this call for papers.

That "haunting" painting, by the way, is Catherine Jorden's Ghost at the Door. You can see more of her work here at Elfwood.

We'll put up a few more calls for submissions shortly. Until then, swing by and read the developing myth-stories of our editor bios, and be sure to visit Dante's Heart on Facebook.

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