Monday, November 10, 2008

Basia Konczarek

Today I will feature the work of a 25 year old Polish artist named Basia Konczarek. I am secretly admirering her work from a distance for quite some time now. So I thought it would be nice to introduce you all to her wonderful art. It must have been a couple of months ago when I first saw her work on Deviant Art, an online community for artists of all kind. I was immediately caught by the deep and intense colors and by the mystery which seemed to surround all of her work.

Below you can see one of her works, one of my own favorites, called; Amanita Muscaria.

Looking at her gallery you will get the feeling you are entering another world where fairy tales are no longer a story but become reality to the viewer. I'm quite sure that many of you will fall in love with her work. Most of her works are richly detailed, depicting enchanting scenes which really suggest a story to the mind.

And if you lose your heart, like I did, it might be nice knowing that she also takes commissions. Hopefully someday I will be the proud owner of one of her works as well....

You can pay a visit at her gallery here

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