Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Troll in a Honda Commercial

Dear readers,

Here's a little clip of a Honda pilot car commercial that I stumbled onto today while searching for things on trolls. I have to share it - it's too bizarre not to. It's actually pretty clever too:

Fairy tales are a favorite for product commercials - no doubt because if you can connect your product to either the romance or nostalgia of a fairy tale, you can make a good sell. This next commercial - one for cell phones - is actually poetic and beautiful:

Shamelessly, I have to admit that this second commercial really does make me want to go out and buy a Nokia phone.


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Asrae said...

The troll commercial is cute. I've seen it before and thought it was clever. The use of fairy tales remind us a better time. It makes me what to buy stuff I do not need.