Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Full Moon Night!

Dear readers, tonight is October’s full moon, and we are excited to announce the firstlaunch of our Full Moon Night, a festival of art, poetry, fiction, and reviews addressing the place of wolves and wolf stories in our world. We are delighted at the conversation that this issue has already raised, and Full Moon Night will continue to remain open for submissions – an ongoing archive (and one to which we expect to keep adding through the remainder of the year, and afterward).

The above image, by the way, is a detail from Kathy Treadwell's painting, Full Moon Night, and the cover for this archive.

Come join us at www.dantesheart.com. You’ll find elegies for the American wolf, meditations on lycanthropy, revisions and reconsiderations of Little Red Riding Hood, an encounter with a not unfriendly Brazilian werewolf, and the struggles of a formerly vegan werewolf in a post-apocalyptic world—among many other delights both tragic and comic. The writers and artists whose work you’ll encounter are diverse, from Angolan novelist Ondjaki to a Colorado artist and a poet working at Grand Teton. Their works are brave, urgent, desperate in their grappling with the ghosts of wolves in our culture.

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Isabella said...

My compliments! I'm not finished reading it yet, but I really enjoyed it so far.

I was only a bit disappointed when I saw how little art there was....

Best Wishes,