Friday, March 7, 2008

Dante's Heart Newsletter

As we hope Dante's Heart will continue to grow as a venue for artists, writers, and readers to connect, admire and contribute exciting work, and converse, we are going to launch a biweekly e-newsletter, Wunderkammern, beginning March 17. Here's what it's going to have:

* Calls for submissions
* Links to exciting projects and websites (new in each issue)
* News updates on Dante's Heart (example: new features and upcoming special issues of the journal)
* A few memorable or otherwise provocative passages & quotations from fantasy or folklore
* A list of the recent highlights from the blog

You can sign up for this biweekly newsletter by sending an e-mail to us at:

Subject Line: Wunder

In the body of the e-mail: include your name and best e-mail address.

We'll do the rest! Also e-mail us if there is something you're interested in seeing included in the newsletter or on the blog. We're quite serious about that - this newsletter will become what its readership wants it to become.

We'd love to hear from you - and we hope you're excited to hear from us. Until then, enjoy the blog!


Daniel Fusch
Editor, Dante's Heart

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