Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Nun's Dragon (New from Dante's Heart!)

"A glance showed her the wide night sky behind the dragon, with its millions of sharp yet irreplaceable stars. The moon hung like a jewel. All that open sky, all that darkness in which to hide or fly. Reared against it in all his power and beauty was her dragon. For a moment, it seemed inconceivable to her that the convent had held her in, had been shut around her, when the whole universe was so open and full of starlight."

- The Nun's Dragon. On sale for $0.99

“An utterly enchanting and engrossing tale of the medieval heart.”- Novelist Stephanie Cowell
About “Lilith,” included in the volume: “As a mom, it truly freaked me out. Even though my child is seven, and isn’t in danger of being scooped up by a barn owl any time soon. While reading this book, my daughter was learning about eagles and owls in school and would run up and down the halls screeching and pretending to swoop down and snatch her prey. Freaky.”- The Eclectic Bookworm 
“‘The Nun’s Dragon’ begins with an apparent suicide, then slips gracefully into the past to uncover the tragic, secret friendship between Sister Agnes Dei and Wyver, her dragon. This short novel is a complex narrative about loss of innocence and loss of certainty. It’s a story about the degree to which any church can comprehend or adequately reflect the compassionate nature of God.”
Scholar and writer Jonna Gjevre
The new arrival from Dante's Heart -- Christine Emmert's The Nun's Dragon -- is $0.99 (on the kindle) for the next 24 hours. I hope you'll read it!

Daniel Fusch
Senior Editor
Dante's Heart

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