Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Best Holiday Ever!

With Halloween just past, I thought now would be perfect time to hit on a common figure currently saturating our culture: The Vampire. Therefore, I took a moment on this lovely holiday to assess the vampire overload in my own life.

Example 1:
Midnight Opera by Hans Steinbach is a OEL (original English language) manga. The main character is a guitar playing vampire with a nemesis for an older brother. The first manga in the series was decent enough, but I have not gone through the trouble of finding the next.

Example 2:
Vampire Wars is a facebook application which doubles as a game. You create a gothic vampire avatar who then completes missions for his or her clan. You can fight other vampires in an old world based gaming style. It is a basic game, but I do love collecting pieces for my avatar.

Example 3:
Foxtrot had a brilliant comment on Twilight's destruction of the traditional vampire last Sunday. And as much as I love Twilight, I agree with Jason. Nothing beats the traditional Nosferatu.

Example 4:
The Vampire Diaries is a CW television show for teenagers. It is a cliché story of girl lover’s vampire, but he thinks he is wrong for her. There is even a nemesis brother; it really is just another Twilight. The only saving grace is that the vampire looks far more vampire-like than the guy that plays Edward in the Twilight movies.

This is just a quick guide to my recent encounters with vampires. It does not include the wide number of book, movie, and comics surrounding vampires, or even the White Wolf role-playing game. Take a moment and count the number of vampire inspired things in your life, you will be amazed.

Loved the Recent Holiday,
J.R. West the Raccoon


srichards said...

My favorites are Dracula and the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles series. I also liked the first Underworld movie. I used to love vampires. But since Twilight hit, I've had an underlying hatred whenever anyone says anything about vampires.

I mean, seriously. If they can go out in daylight, that's not much of a vampire. Being a vampire means being cursed...take away the things that make you feel cursed and it pretty much ruins what being a vampire is all about.

My favorite vampire-inspired thing lately has been the South Park episode where everyone keeps confusing the goth kids as "vamp" kids and they get all pissed off and burn down Hot Topic. Freaking awesome!

mand said...

You forgot Savage Chickens!

BBC's 'Being Human' was very good - funny, and well scripted and acted. Otherwise i've pretty well managed to avoid vampires in my life! (I can take anti-fashion to extremes...)

Anonymous said...

and now, the Remix!

Burn down hot topic, the music video. featuring farm animals and a big goth danc enumber.