Monday, October 12, 2009

Dante's Heart Art Contest - And Tricksters

Dear readers,

There are a lot of new plans for the first half of 2010 that I wanted to share with you! We have grown our team of editors, which means that we have also grown our ability to run new calls for submissions, contests, and other opportunities to invite fresh work. Here's what's coming:

Trickster Works

One of our fiction editors, Ashley Argyle, has this to say about tricksters in literature, art, and lore: "Tricksters live in a world of ambiguity and chaos. They know no boundaries--with nowhere they can't go and nothing they can't do, they are oftentimes the world's ultimate creators and destroyers."

Dante's Heart invites you to explore the unruliness of the trickster and is calling for submissions featuring trickster works in all media -- literary or artistic, fiction or drama, photography or mixed media. Check here for more details; entries are due May 1, 2010 and the most compelling entries will be considered for a special edition of Dante's Heart.

(The artwork shown above is an interpretation of Wagner's Loki from the never-forgotten Arthur Rackham.)

Urban Fantasy Art Contest

As our first issue began with a range of mythopoeia and fairytale work, this year our art editor is interested in something (potentially) a bit grittier. Send us your best urban fantasy -- whether photography, drawing, painting, or other -- we are open to all visual art forms. Submissions must be digital, though the original medium need not be. Previously unpublished work only.

Check for the contest rules here. Entries are due April 30, 2010, and will be judged by Jessica Fusch, Dante's Heart art editor and owner of Seaelven Studios.

(The image pictured above is Sandow Birk's Inferno, an urban interpretation of Dante's Divine Comedy.)

Spread the word -- and we look forward to seeing what appears in our inbox!

With great joy and a sense of play,

The Editors,
Dante's Heart

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abha said...

I wish to know when contributors will be informed regarding the status of submissions and as to when this delightful issue will appear.