Thursday, February 14, 2008

Land of the Dreamers

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers (or happy and brave anti-Valentine's Day for those of you who are single). Our love gift to you from Dante's Heart will be news of a new art gallery online. One of our artists from Issue 1 (see A Trade With The Devil in Issue 1 of Dante's Heart) has created a beautiful site to share her work. Beautifully titled Land of the Dreamers, Isabella's site features Dutch art in a stark and often exhilarating style. Upon entering the site, you will be confronted with a map drawn up in a fashion reminiscent of those old aerial illustrations of Neverland. A click in the right place can take you to Witchtown or to Elf Woods or the Isle of Giants. Definitely stop by and explore the gallery - the artwork and the site are lovingly made, and the best of the work is rich with detail and nuance, with small touches resonant with old folk tales, while the black and white of Isabella's work conveys something of the mystery and nostalgia of old woodcuts. For instance, The Wicked Witch Under the Willow, below.

In keeping with our recent discussion of wolf folklore, a portrait of a wolf and a maiden dancing to the sound of a phonograph can be found in the "Animal Kingdom" section of the gallery (one of my own favorite sections).

There is a welcoming feel to the site, as though Isabella is inviting you into the strangeness and wonder of her vision of the world. Visit, and then post a comment here and let us know what you thought.

Isabella does commissions, wedding and birthcard service, and illustrations to favorite stories.

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