Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cobweb Forest

I confess I have come to Through the Cobweb Forest belatedly, but in case a few of our gathering readers are in the same position, I thought I would add a post about it here, as Cobweb is certainly not to be missed: to me, this is one of the most exciting artworks currently in progress, of those touching on the realms of faerie. In the form of a Flash multimedia presentation, comprising music, letters that scroll, video, and images both static and kinetic - I need to stop there and start the sentence again, as it sounds a little as though I am describing someone beautiful by telling that she comprises liver, kidney, pancreas, or rather, that she comprises hat, purple coat, shoes. I try again. Cobweb Forest is a beautiful poem/artpiece, very Victorian, very fantastical, and as a compelling tale it chronicles Helena's jumping offship while en route to her husband and her journey deep into the Cobweb Forest. Fragments of journal entry and letters to her still distant husband tell of her trials, her dreams by day and by night, and her awakenings. The project is a collaboration between the already well-established artists Connie Toebe, whose "boxes" are at once gothic, enchanting, and sometimes horrific, and Lisa Stock, who has developed some haunting independent films. To say nothing of the musician.

I will not include any quotes here from Cobweb, for reason that Cobweb is a journey of discovery as few other works are, tempting you with each click or scroll to pull another branch or fern from across your vision and take another step. But I did want to draw attention to the project, and suggest that it would be a terrible negligence not to go lose yourself in the forest for many hours. Since reading about the orchard of glass in the first letter, I have been hooked. This is a tale told with delicacy, wild creativity, and high spirit.

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